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B Squared Bar and Grill signage by TKO Signs

Happy to help B Squared Bar and Grill with their new signage! (More of our work…)

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Why TKO Signs?

  • Quality and Experience

    With over 45 years of combined experience and award-winning design, we CARE about the end-product and how it represents YOU.

  • Full Service

    We're a full-service sign shop, so there's no need to hire multiple companies. We take care of the entire process from start to finish.

  • Nationwide

    Our services expand across the country. We can produce and install signage for businesses anywhere in the United States.

  • Relationships

    Throughout the entire process and far beyond, relationships & trust-building is a big part of what we do. Our customers know they have a friend in the sign business for years to come.

Need More Info?

Check out the signs we offer, the services we provide, or simply get a quote, and let's talk about your signage needs.

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Need a sign, but don't know where to start? We’ll walk you through the process of design and material choices for your sign. Our award winning designs capture attention and create impact. We'll work with you to get the sign you want, both within your budget, and in compliance with sign ordinances.


We have the equipment, tools, and experience necessary to create a variety of signs, from 30 ft. pylons, to router cut interior signs. Our signs are fully custom to fit your space, design, colors, and budget.


When it's time for your sign to shine, the installation is critical. Whether your signage is exterior or interior, big or small — in any location — our sign installation capabilities are nearly limitless.


Your sign must adhere to local ordinances. We provide surveying and sign permitting services to help you through this sometimes complex process, saving you money and time.


After your sign is in place, it may need maintenance down the road. We provide full maintenance services, including re-lamping and any repair to your sign or structure due to storm damage or general wear.


Wherever you are, we can help you with sign services that stretch nationwide. Do you have multiple locations in different cities across the country, or simply across town? Orchestrating signage for multiple locations can be a hard task, but we have the resources in place to make it a smooth process.


What Kind of Sign Should You Get?


Architectural Signs

Architectural signs for your business View Larger

This kind of signage is built around a cabinet fabricated out of aluminum, masonry, and other materials.

How they're used — exterior way-finders, business signs, and corporate office signs… their uses are diverse.

Your benefit — unlimited finishes, and these signs can be designed to tie into the architectural style of your building and grounds.

Dimensional Signs

Dimmensional Signs View Larger

Dimensional signs are comprised of two or more layers, often using different materials.

How they’re used — interior and exterior signage in limitless ways.

Your benefit — These signs add a prestigious, “3D” look to their surroundings. Dimensional signs bring a new element to any design. You might say they add a new “dimension.”

Monument Signs

Monument Signage View Larger

These signs are 4-8 feet tall freestanding signs in contact with the ground.

How they’re used — outdoor community signs, anchor signs for shopping centers, and for all types of organizations and businesses.

Your benefit — Although zoning ordinances may dictate the size and type of sign, TKO Signs has the experience to make you stand out for your clients.

Pylon and Pole Signs

Pylon and Pole Signs View Larger

Pylon and pole signs are freestanding signs that generally range from 6′ to 35′ in height, but pole signs can be as tall as 120′.

How they’re used — they include the free standing signs you see while driving on an interstate or in front of a gas station, convenience stores, retail outlets, and office buildings — anywhere visibility is critical.

Your benefit — These signs can be seen and, when properly designed, they inform your customers who, what, and where you are.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter signage that pops View Larger

Channel letters are metal or plastic letters with faces, raceways, and cabinets.

How they’re used — They’re attached to structures such as storefronts, government offices, and all types of organizations. They may be used outside or inside, and can be illuminated.

Your benefit — They offer high visibility, especially, illuminated signs at night, which are very low maintenance and, since LED lights are low voltage, they’re inexpensive to operate.

Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Center signage View Larger

This signage uses LED lights to digitally deliver programmable computer generated messages.

How they’re used — They may be based on a monument, pylon, or pole for exterior usage, but are also used indoors.

Your benefit — the quantity and style of messages you can send are only limited by your imagination. EMC’s are the most versatile stationary sign there is.

Way-Finding and Identification Signs

Interior and exterior wayfinding signs for your business

These signs may be manufactured from various materials in many sizes.

How they’re used — as ADA (Americans with Disability Act) signs, name plates, or large warehouse signs. Other uses include lobbies, entryways — even restrooms.

Your benefit — they can do whatever you need them to do — inform, direct, and educate. They can be designed to fit your building and décor.

Interior Signs

Interior signs for your business View Larger

The possibilities for interior signs are unlimited. Whether it’s a dimensional logo, brushed aluminum channel letters, or digitally printed signs, they add to any space.

How they’re used — Lobby signs, wall plaques, wayfinding signs, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs are only a few of the applications.

Your benefit — Creatively designed, professionally installed interior signs are one of the best ways to direct, inform, and impress visitors and employees.

The TKO Signs team is ready to share our experience, expertise and advice with you. Whether it’s a channel letter, pole sign — or any type of sign, we’re ready to answer your questions.


About TKO Signs

Lee Faulker of TKO Signs Lee Faulker of TKO Signs Lee Faulkner of TKO SignsTKO Signs is a full service sign shop offering design, fabrication, installation, and more. Led by Lee Faulkner, who has designed, built, and installed signs since 1975, TKO Signs can help you avoid the problems often experienced when planning a new sign. Lee has won two USSC (United States Sign Council) awards for design, and he can help you with the best signage solution for your business. We work with you from initial design, through the permitting process, to final installation. What this means for you is maximum impact from your new sign, delivered through an easy process.

We offer signs of all types. Our custom designed and manufactured signs are made to fit your needs… not ours, whether it’s exterior backlit channel letters, a 40-foot pylon, or an interior dimensional sign. Our sign designers have 45+ years combined experience, and our sign fabrication team shares nearly 80 years. What’s this mean for you? We have the experience to deliver your job right the first time.

In 2010, TKO Signs was established by TKO Graphix to expand their graphics services and better accommodate the growing needs of our customers. Since 1985, TKO Graphix has provided full service design, printing, and installation of large format graphics, while specializing in national fleet and vehicle graphics. TKO Graphix has recently expanded to include TKO Marketing Solutions, which offers a full line of promotional merchandise items and is led by a industry professional of 20 years. Now, our family of companies provides customers with three experienced resources under one roof. For more information on our other companies, visit TKO Graphix or TKO Marketing Solutions.

If you need signs for your business, call us at 1-888-544-80511-888-544-8051 — or you can visit our facilities:

2751 Stafford Rd.,
Plainfield, IN 46168
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