5 Reasons B2B’s Need Signage

Does a business that only does business with other businesses (B2B) really need a sign? What if the product or service is marketed online or by mail? Why would they need a sign? Couldn’t the organization save funds by eliminating signage? Yes, they could, but in the majority of cases, it would be a mistake.

It’s a Sign

Our offices at TKO Signs are across from an Amazon warehouse. Although Amazon doesn’t sell its products from this structure, there are Amazon signs all around the building. Amazon is a retailer, works directly with businesses, and does a lot more. The important question is why do they have signage on their warehouse?

  1. You never know who will see your sign. A potential business partner may drive by your B2B every day and never notice you and your services if you have no signage. Future customers, employees, and brand advocates can all be influenced by signage.
  2. So folks can find you. Deliveries, employment candidates, and visitors need a sign.
  3. It adds legitimacy. A sign makes a business real. Signs add professionalism to any organization. Without signage, a building can look empty or worse yet sketchy.
  4. Employee pride. Your team wants to be proud of what they do and where they work. Most people want this; they want to know that what they do matters. Signage is a concrete expression of this pride.
  5. Promoting your brand. Signs are a form of advertising. They’re part of your marketing plan—or should be. Good signage promotes the organization to all who see it.

Is Your B2B Sign Up?

Any B2B without signage is missing opportunities, and B2B’s with limited signage that was tossed in place as an afterthought may be even worse than no signs. Is your B2B signage up to par? Does it brand and identify you or are you missing this chance to shine? If you’d like to learn more about B2B signage contact us, we got your back and your front.

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