FAQ: How Bright should my LED Message Center Sign be?

Great question and one I can give a definitive answer to. It depends. There are several variables, which I’ll discuss, but the best advice I may offer is to work with an established, certified, and reputable sign shop. There are many sign shops with the experience to adjust the lighting of an LED EMC sign […]

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FAQ: What makes a Sign Stand Out?

Great question, if you think about signs that are noticeable it begins with color, contrast, and font selection. Colors, logos, and fonts that work on collateral materials may not work on a sign. Regardless of how bright and eye-catching graphics may be on a business card they may be lost on a sign. For example, […]

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FAQ: How Long will an Exterior Sign Last?

That’s a difficult question to answer because so much depends on design, construction, and materials. The better question, or at least the easier one to answer, is how long do you need the sign to last? The sign pictured here of D. Rose Video, in Franklin Indiana, is more than 20 years old. Considering it's an unmaintained abandoned sign it has held up well. Lee Faulkner of TKO Signs designed and made this sign to last.

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