How to Protect Your Signage Investment Through Proper Sign Maintenance

Signs are highly effective marketing tools. They inform prospects about your product or service, share your location, and build your brand. Most businesses would suffer if their signage were missing or lacking. As with any other form of advertising, signage is an investment, and advertising investments should bring a return, otherwise – why invest? Unlike […]

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The Signs You Don’t Have are Hurting Your Business 

A business without signage is almost unimaginable. Can you picture a retail store without signs? How about a not-for-profit charity or even a warehouse? There’s a huge Amazon warehouse just across the street from TKO Graphix, and although they don’t sell anything at the location, there are massive channel letters and branded wayfinding signage on […]

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Why ADA Signage is Good for Business 

ADA signage not only is important to your business in more than one way, it’s required. However, you want ADA signage. Here’s why.

Do Customers Know Your Business is Accessible?

Making your business accessible to all customers isn’t only the right thing to do it’s the smart thing to do. Whether your company has a brick […]

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The Top 6 FAQ‘s for Exterior Signage

We’re in the sign business, so it stands to reason that we receive a lot of questions about signage. We answer questions about lobby signs, wayfinding, and ADA signage weekly. However, we’re asked about exterior signage almost daily. Here are the top 6 questions we’re asked concerning exterior signage.

What’s the Correct Size for an Exterior […]

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The Advantages of LED Lighting for Signage

When it comes to lighting a sign there are many choices in bulbs: neon, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and sodium to name a few. However, if you want the biggest bang for your buck, then LED lighting for signage has several advantages over other types of lighting systems.

LED’s Cost Less

Study after study proves that the longevity […]

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