How to Protect Your Signage Investment Through Proper Sign Maintenance

Signs are highly effective marketing tools. They inform prospects about your product or service, share your location, and build your brand. Most businesses would suffer if their signage were missing or lacking. As with any other form of advertising, signage is an investment, and advertising investments should bring a return, otherwise – why invest? Unlike most types of marketing that a business invests in, signage is long-term. Exterior and interior signage can last many years when properly maintained.(How Long Will an Exterior Sign Last? ) Sign maintenance is critical to the investment.

Another difference between signage and most other forms of advertising is that signage requires maintenance. By following a recommended maintenance regimen signage can be an effective marketing tool for years to come.

Although some sign maintenance can be a do-it-yourself project, using signage professionals to complete sign maintenance is your best bet. Sign providers who have knowledge of sign design, fabrication, and installation, as well as the tools, parts, and pieces, know how to keep your sign working for you year after year.

Signage Maintenance

Proper signage maintenance begins with an inspection and thorough cleaning.

Inspection – We recommend signs be inspected two times per year. For lighted signs, it’s key to check electrical components. This includes all wiring, sockets, and lamps, replacing any damaged wiring, sockets, or bulbs.

Check all brackets, clamps, and connectors attaching the sign to the substrate and replace or repair any that are loose, corroded, or missing.

Cleaning – All signage should be cleaned as needed at a minimum of once per year. Environment, location (interior or exterior), and conditions will affect how often a sign needs cleaned.

A thorough cleaning begins by removing the sign faces. Only by removing the faces can the backs of the face plates, cabinets, and raceways be cleaned. Remember when you’ve removed a light fixture to replace a bulb? Just like the light cover, the sign will hold dust, debris, insects, and more.

Cleaning not only keeps your sign looking it’s best, it can also help you avoid more serious maintenance problems caused by the accumulation of debris.

Signage Service

Like anything with working parts, signs will wear. Bulbs need replaced, wiring can pull away, and severe weather can damage the face of any sign. It’s important to repair damage before it becomes a larger concern properly.

 Repair – Repairs not only include storm damage, but also replacing faded faces, restoring signs and awnings damaged by vehicles, and fixing electrical problems.

LED Retrofit – LED lighting uses less electricity than traditional lighting, costs less than many other types of lighting, and can be brighter, which makes it more effective at sharing a message. Replacing old-fashioned fluorescent and other types of lighting with LED brings new life to an old sign as well as cutting electric usage, and LED lasts longer!

Removal – Is it time for a new sign? If so, what about the old sign, what happens to it? Sign removal should include patching the substrate, repairing any damage to the surface, as well as disabling all electrical components

What is Proper Sign Maintenance? 

Without proper maintenance, your sign is unable to complete its mission of promoting your brand, product, and location. We’ve all seen damaged, dirty, and faded signs, or lit signs with unlit letters. These un-maintained signs not only don’t do their job — they detract from a company’s image. If you’d like to know more about sign maintenance Contact Us.


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