Infographic: Why Signs Matter

We have a riddle for you. What advertising do you pay for once but promotes your business for years? Need a clue? What marketing effort delivers thousands of impressions per day but doesn’t add additional costs? Do you know the answer? It’s signage. Your organizations exterior, interior, and wayfinding signage, say a lot about who you are and what you do, and it does it for a very long time. It may be the most cost effective, top of the sales funnel, advertising there is. Here’s why signs matter.

A Bad Sign is a…Bad Sign 

We have another riddle for you. What detracts from a business and sends a bad message to potential customers? The answer is old, outdated, damaged, signage. When a prospect sees a dirty sign with unlit missing letters, that doesn’t support current branding, it makes that prospect wonder what else the business neglects. They can’t help but consider whether a company’s product and customer service are neglected as well. If you want to be certain you’re not sending a negative message to your customers Contact us, we’d be happy to help you with service for your sign, or a signage rebrand. And…we’ll tell you like it is—we won’t speak in “riddles.” This infographic explains why signs matter.


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Eric Benge is a Graphic Designer / Marketing Associate for TKO Graphix. He's passionate about all things design related and addicted to Pinterest. He's also an artist, specializing in mixed media art. He enjoys spy movies, playing video games, and preventing his rat terrier from chasing squirrels.

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