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Why choose TKO Signs?

We offer signs of all types. Our custom designed and manufactured signs are made to fit your needs… not ours, whether it’s exterior backlit channel letters, a 40-foot pylon, or an interior dimensional sign. Our sign designers have 45+ years combined experience, and our sign fabrication team shares nearly 80 years. What’s this mean for you? We have the experience to deliver your job right the first time.


Archi­tec­tural Signs

Usually built on and around a cabinet, which typically is fab­ri­cated out of aluminum, although they can be con­structed of masonry. These signs are mostly used for exterior way finders, business signs, and corporate office signs. However, the uses are almost limitless.


Dimen­sional Signs

May be made with various materials. They are comprised of two or more layers, which adds dimension for a “3D” look. They may be used for interior or exterior signage.


Monument, Pylon, and Pole Signs

Free­stand­ing signs in contact with the ground. Although def­i­n­i­tions vary, monuments are usually 6–8 feet high, pylons up to 20 feet, and pole signs over 20 feet. A few examples are outdoor civic or community signs, anchor signs for a shopping center, 35-foot truck stop signs — and like archi­tec­tural signs — the uses are unlimited.


Channel Letters

Mostly metal or plastic letters with faces, raceways, and cabinets — all of which may be different colors and materials. Usually attached to a structure, they’re used for store­fronts, gov­ern­ment offices, and all types of orga­ni­za­tions. They may be used on the outside or inside of a building, and may be illu­mi­nated or non-illuminated.


Electronic Message Center

Use LED lights to digitally deliver a message. They may be based on a monument, pylon, or pole for exterior usage, but are also occa­sion­ally used indoors.


Interior Way-finding and Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion signs

May be man­u­fac­tured from various materials and they include smaller ADA (Americans with Dis­abil­ity Act), office door signs, or large warehouse signs.