Spykes Bar & Grill a Sign Resurrected

I perform in a weekend classic rock band. My favorite venue is Spykes Bar & Grill in Clermont IN. I like the owners Jim and Karen. They’re good hard working people. I like the staff, for example, Chad, the bartender on Saturday night. Great guy. I like the crowd—they’re always fun, and I like how the club is set up. There’s a front bar with its own entrance and a back bar with a stage and dance floor. But there was a problem. There was no sign in back.

No Sign at the Stage Door

Karen and Jim had invested in signage for the front entrance, but the door leading to the bar was blank. There was a 4 x 14-foot sign frame above the door, but it had the previous club name. They turned it around to the backside.  The sign was blank.

They had researched replacing the sign but had estimates upwards of $5,000, and that just wasn’t in the budget.

To the Rescue

Like I said, this is my favorite club with some of my favorite people. The club needed signage. It was on the west side of the building facing Lucas Oil Raceway. You know, where they hold the NHRA Nationals. A lot of people travel this road.

I went to the TKO team of experts and asked why we can’t apply an adhesive vinyl decal to this sign. The answer was we could.

The Sign

TKO printed the 4 x14-foot decal on 3M 180 Series Film. Two of our best installers live near the establishment and volunteered to apply the decal for dinner. I happily paid for the decal. It was worth it when I saw Karen’s smile the first time she looked at the sign.

Who is Spykes Bar& Grill?

Skypes Bar & Grill is a friendly neighborhood bar 10 minutes from my home in Speedway, but it’s more than that. It’s a place for good people to come and let their hair down, have a drink or two and share good times with friends. Tuesday is dart league, Thursday night is blind draw darts, Friday is DJ/ Karaoke night, and most Saturday’s there’s a band—something for everyone. Good people, good food, affordable prices, and a convenient west side location make Spykes the place to be.

It Didn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Not all signage solutions have to cost an arm and a leg. Occasionally not always, there’s a less expensive way to do it that isn’t cheap looking. Yes, in this case, the best solution would’ve been an entirely new sign, but what if that’s not in the budget? Is no sign better than a working solution?

If you have a sign you know you need but it’s just not in the budget, Contact Us, we may have an answer.


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