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Big or small, TKO Signs can handle any signage project.

Our leadership team is made up of men and women who have been with TKO 20+ years and understand our industry top to bottom. Many of them started in our installation department and worked through the ranks to the position they hold today. We have many employees that have been with us for several years. Their loyalty to TKO and our customers are undeniable. There’s no shortcut to excellence and we use our years of experience and know how to advance our desire to meet the needs of our customers.

<strong>Tom Taulman II</strong>
Tom Taulman IIChief Executive Officer
<strong>Sandy Putkammer</strong>
Sandy PutkammerHuman Resources
<strong>Mhariel McDonald</strong>
Mhariel McDonaldController
<strong>Denny Smith</strong>
Denny SmithChief Operating Officer
<strong>Andrea Wade</strong>
Andrea WadeHuman Resources Assistant
<strong>Penny Hunter</strong>
Penny HunterAccounts Payable
<strong>Tom McClelland</strong>
Tom McClellandVice President of Operations
<strong>Justin Westhead</strong>
Justin WestheadEstimator
<strong>Becky Maners</strong>
Becky ManersAccounts Receivable
<strong>Chris Hurley</strong>
Chris HurleyVice President of Administration
<strong>James Ladd</strong>
James LaddPurchasing
<strong>Terry Icenogle</strong>
Terry IcenogleIT Manager

TKO Signs

<strong>Russ Jackson</strong>
Russ JacksonSenior Project Manager
<strong>Lee Faulkner</strong>
Lee FaulknerNational Account Manager
<strong>Jack Stackman</strong>
Jack StackmanNational Account Manager

National Account Managers

<strong>Gary Meunier</strong>
Gary MeunierNational Account Manager
<strong>Blake Lowe</strong>
Blake LoweNational Account Manager
<strong>Glenn Burris</strong>
Glenn BurrisNational Account Manager
<strong>Shirley Wurster</strong>
Shirley WursterFulfillment Coordinator
<strong>Jason Scheurer</strong>
Jason ScheurerNational Account Manager
<strong>Chase Yocom</strong>
Chase YocomNational Account Manager

Customer Service

<strong>Tenneva McKnight</strong>
Tenneva McKnightProject Coordinator
<strong>Sarah Wilson</strong>
Sarah WilsonProject Coordinator
<strong>Natalie Bowden</strong>
Natalie BowdenProject Coordinator
<strong>Holly Cassaday</strong>
Holly CassadayProject Coordinator


<strong>Nancy Jarial</strong>
Nancy JarialVice President of Marketing
<strong>Randy Clark</strong>
Randy ClarkDirector of Communications
<strong>Kevin Greek</strong>
Kevin GreekSenior Account Manager
<strong>Madeline Kiley</strong>
Madeline KileyGraphic Designer


<strong>Alisha Nail</strong>
Alisha NailDesigner
<strong>Jamie Burch</strong>
Jamie BurchDesigner
<strong>Bryan Merrell</strong>
Bryan MerrellDesigner
<strong>Keith Marshall</strong>
Keith MarshallDesigner


<strong>Bill Moss</strong>
Bill MossDirector of Installation
<strong>Kevin Lukes</strong>
Kevin LukesProduction Manager
<strong>Scott Tinkle</strong>
Scott TinkleDirector of Offsite Great Dane Factory Plants
<strong>Ronnie Roessler</strong>
Ronnie RoesslerInstallation Scheduling
<strong>Kim Goodwin</strong>
Kim GoodwinFinishing Manager
<strong>Mike Stoops</strong>
Mike StoopsInstall Manager
<strong>Lynsey Vollet</strong>
Lynsey VolletPlotter Manager
<strong>James Whitfield</strong>
James WhitfieldProject Manager
<strong>Nate English</strong>
Nate EnglishScreen Print Manager

TKO Marketing Solutions

<strong>Jack Woodlock</strong>
Jack WoodlockAccount Executive
<strong>Sheila Nelson</strong>
Sheila NelsonAccount Executive
<strong>Bridget Wethington</strong>
Bridget WethingtonProject Coordinator
<strong>Missie Gentry</strong>
Missie GentryProject Coordinator