The Signs You Don’t Have are Hurting Your Business 

A business without signage is almost unimaginable. Can you picture a retail store without signs? How about a not-for-profit charity or even a warehouse? There’s a huge Amazon warehouse just across the street from TKO Graphix, and although they don’t sell anything at the location, there are massive channel letters and branded wayfinding signage on every side of the building. It’s because the building would look naked, and possibly suspect, without signage, wouldn’t it? Are the signs you don’t have hurting your business?

So, yes, most businesses, B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business), and NFP (not for profit) have signs. The question is do they have the signs they need? Signs are used for branding, identification, wayfinding, and calls to action.

Have you audited your signage? Have ever taken a close, hard look at the signs you have to determine if in fact, you have the signs you need? If you take an in-depth look at your operation, you may discover signage opportunities that have been overlooked, which can enhance your image and improve your business.

An Example of a Missed Opportunity

A couple of summers ago we held an open house. We invited customers, friends, and vendors from far and wide. It was a huge success. During the planning stages of the event we asked ourselves and other teammates, “What would improve a tour of our facilities?”

It was suggested we create signs to hang above our various pieces of equipment, such as printers and plotters to identify our equipment and capabilities. So, before the event, we fabricated signs and hung them above our equipment as well as departmental signage. As we completed tours with clients, vendors, and potential customers many exclaimed, “I didn’t know you did that,” or, “Oh, you do that too?”

Not only did we open the eyes of long-standing loyal customers about all our offerings, but also new prospects as well. We added new clients, and several existing customers asked us for ideas on solving problems they didn’t know our services covered.

Are the Signs You Don’t Have Hurting Your Business?

Whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or NFP, look at your operation as if you were on the outside looking in. How does a customer see your facility? Are there sign opportunities you’re missing? Could a new lobby sign, wall graphic, or wayfinding signage add to your brand? If you’d like another set of eyes, we offer a free site evaluation. We’d appreciate the opportunity to sign you up. Contact Us.


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