Updating the Pleasant Heights Baptist Church Sign

The Pleasant Heights Baptist church sign shown here is an update and repair to an existing monument sign. Because the expense of an entire new sign isn’t always necessary to produce an attention-grabbing and effective sign. Sometimes a makeover will do the job. So, in this case using the existing monument as the base for a new look and a few minor repairs were more than enough to get the job done.

Inspection and Design

It began with an inspection of the sign by Jack Stackman from TKO Signs. Jack recommended the best solution for the church wasn’t to start over with a new sign, but use what was there. Therefore, he offered a few suggestions and design ideas, which made sense to the church staff. One of the church members volunteered to take Jack’s basic idea and turn it into an eye-catching design.


The sign has three panels; TKO Signs fabricated new faces for the top two panels. The panels were fabricated from Lexan, a thermoplastic polycarbonate with a wide range of uses. It’s used in space suit helmets, aircraft canopies, headlight lenses, bullet-resistant windows, and signage. The images were digitally printed directly to the Lexan eliminating the possibility of letters or logo peeling away or falling from the sign


When an onsite inspection is properly conducted and manufacturing adheres to specifications, replacing existing faces isn’t difficult. It’s a case of professionals making something look easy—when you know what you’re doing things tend to go smoothly. The third or bottom panel, on this sign, wasn’t replaced. It’s a reader board sign where letters can be slid into tracks to share a message.

When updating or rebranding signage, not every sign needs replaced. A combination of repair and replace often is the most cost-effective method of changing the message a sign delivers. If you’d like to know if your existing sign would qualify for an update, we’d be glad to inspect it. Contact us here we’ll make it a “Pleasant” experience.


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